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Shipping Pets and Live Animals

Guide, tips and, information on how to ship live animals and pets so they arrive well and in good health.

shipping salamanders

Safety Techniques on How to Ship a Salamander

Salamanders are one of those exotic creatures that have caught the fancy of people who have a penchant for extraordinary pets. Although they may look like lizards (reptiles), salamanders are actually amphibians, like frogs. Although they don’t bite, salamanders are not good for petting and handling. Because they have delicate and sensitive skin, salamanders are …

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shipping live animals

Shipping Live Animals via UPS

UPS is one of the leading shipping companies worldwide.  And just like other shipping companies, it has very strict rules on shipping live animals.  Below are some UPS regulations on shipping live animals. Not all animals are allowed to be shipped via UPS.  Here is a list of Accepted/Prohibited Live Animals:

shipping salt water fish

How to Ship Salt Water Fishes

Keeping an aquarium is a very therapeutic hobby.  Watching those colorful and playful tropical fishes swimming in their beautiful seascape habitat is truly relaxing. Since these salt-water tropical fishes are fragile and sensitive creatures, shipping them can be a daunting task.  However, when properly prepared and packaged, live aquarium fishes can be safely and successfully …

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