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Your Guide to Packing and Shipping.

  • Pack and Ship Succulents and Cacti

    How to Ship Succulents and Cacti

    As of late, succulents and cacti have become all the rage among gardeners, collectors and events stylists. Apart from being easy-to-take-care-and-propagate houseplants and interesting conversation pieces in the garden, succulents ...
  • Packing a Kitchen for Moving

    Guide to Packing a Kitchen for Moving

    Filled with numerous appliances, food stuff and cooking accoutrements, the kitchen is probably the hardest room to pack for moving. From gadgets to china and silverware to pots and pans ...
  • How to Ship a Paddle Board

    How to Ship a Paddle Board

    Paddle boards are long boards used for the sport of paddleboarding. They are usually made of fiberglass, epoxy, and/or carbon fibre and are generally quite large, ranging from 8 feet ...
  • How to Ship a Golf Cart

    How to Ship a Golf Cart

    Golf carts are more than just vehicles for carrying golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course. Quiet to operate and with decent gas or electric mileage, golf carts ...
  • ship an antique stove

    How to Ship an Antique Stove

    Antique stoves, those massive cast iron stoves used for heating since the eighteenth century and for cooking since the nineteenth century, are all the rage right now among collectors. They ...
  • How to ship a farm equipment

    How to Ship Farm Equipment

    Farm equipment, which includes mowers, excavators, tractors, backhoes and and trenchers, are usually large and bulky, making them difficult to move to different parts of the country. It is a ...