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Shipping Tips & Tricks for New Online Sellers

Shipping an item so that it arrives on time and in good condition at your buyer’s doorstep is arguably the most crucial part of selling online. We list down some valuable shipping tips and tricks to help you ship items properly and ensure that they get delivered on time and in excellent condition.

February 8, 2020
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Ground Shipping vs. Air Shipping

There are two ways to ship an item: Ground shipping which uses land transportation, such as trains or trucks, and Air Shipping, which employs airplanes to transport items. We list down the differences between these shipping methods.

January 7, 2020
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What You Need to Know When Shipping Hazardous Goods

Hazardous goods are any item or substance which has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other factors. We list down what you need to know when shipping such items.

July 18, 2019
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Christmas 2018 Shipping Deadlines

You made sure to complete your 2018 holiday shopping early to make sure no one’s going to be empty handed come Christmas day. To help you make sure that you send out presents on time, we list down the USPS, FedEx, and UPS cut-off dates that must be met for shipments to arrive on or before December 24th.

December 4, 2018
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USPS, FedEx, and UPS Holiday Shipping Dates 2017

You snatched some great deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and have completed your Holiday Gift List. Make sure your presents for dear friends and loved ones get delivered on time by taking note of these dates.

November 24, 2017
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Steps in Avoiding Lost Packages Due to Address Label Errors

Failed deliveries due to erroneous addresses are banes to online sellers. Here are helpful tips on how to ensure that a package has the correct shipping address to prevent it from getting “lost” during transit.

October 31, 2017
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Tips for Winter Weather Shipping

The busiest time of the year for shipping usually starts during winter, when significant volumes of shipments are expected pile up as people send out packages to loved ones for the holidays. This is also the time when inclement weather can cause delays and damage to shipments. By understanding your shipment, properly preparing your packages,…

September 1, 2017
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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Company

Whether shipping personal effects to a loved one or an item to an online buyer, using a reliable shipping company is essential in ensuring that your package arrives in perfect condition and on time. Apart from reliability, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a courier service. We list down the top 5…

August 22, 2017
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4 Useful Tips for e-Commerce packing

If you are just starting an e-commerce business, your attention must have been focused on how your website looks and getting your branding right. However, it is still the customers’ experience when they receive the item they have ordered that will decide whether your business is headed for success or not. You may save up…

July 6, 2017
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How to Receive a North Pole Postmark on your 2016 Holiday Cards

Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a Christmas tradition for children for many years. To brighten the Holiday spirits, many parents and grandparents send kids a “reply” from Santa complete with a postmark from North Pole, where the beloved Christmas icon is known to live and work. This tradition has been made possible with…

December 7, 2016
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Essential Shipping Tips to Save Time, Stress, and Money this Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, it is best to start planning your gift shipping strategy to ensure that loved ones get their presents on time. In case you are not aware, Christmas is the busiest season in the shipping industry and not being caught in the frenzy is the best way to go….

November 17, 2016
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USPS Holiday 2016 Mailing and Shipping Deadlines

To avoid delivery delays during the Holiday Season, the United States Postal Service is encouraging customers to ship chrisntmas cards, gifts and holiday parcels early. The USPS recently announced its mailing and shipping deadlines to ensure that cards, letters and packages are delivered within the United States by Dec. 25, 2016. The Postal Service recommends…

November 9, 2016
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Shipping Supplies 101: Shipping Boxes

Cardboard boxes are some of the most reliable packing supplies around. When used properly, alongside the correct cushioning materials, cardboard boxes do not only serve as containers but also keep the goods being shipped protected during transit. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate all sorts of items as well as strengths to…

September 27, 2016
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New unpoppable Bubble Wrap is more effective, cost-efficient and environment-friendly

Sealed Air, the originator of the bubble wrap, has launched an upoppable version of the ubiquitous packing material. Called Bubble Wrap IB, the new protective packaging solution is aimed at the ever-growing e-commerce and supply chain sector. Unlike the original bubble wrap which features individual air pockets, the Bubble Wrap IB has specially-designed air channels…

June 7, 2016
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Off to College: Shipping the Essentials

A child leaving for college can send an entire household into a roller coaster ride of emotions. The excitement of being independent and the anxiety over leaving a child into his own devices in a far away university can wreak havoc on what were packed in the suitcases and trunks. Chances are, important items will…

June 1, 2016
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Packing Up a Parcel: A Guide

Proper packaging will make the difference between a safe delivery and damage in transit. It is your responsibility as a shipper to ensure that your parcel is correctly packaged so that it arrives to its destination on time and free from any damaged. We list down a foolproof guide on packing up a parcel. Protect…

May 26, 2016
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A New Online Seller’s Guide to Shipping

Shipping an item you’ve just sold on an online store is probably the most tedious and time-consuming task for a new online seller, however, it needn’t be. It’s the seller’s responsibility to make sure that the item gets to the buyer in perfect condition. A seller’s reputation is at stake when shipping an item so…

April 27, 2016
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5 Hacks to Avoid Shipping Damage

Shipping damage is an unfortunate event to both the sender and receiver. It leads to waste of time, money and energy. What make it worse is the fact that such damage can be avoided if only proper packing techniques were employed and precautions were followed. Packages go through a lot of stress during the entire…

January 22, 2016
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Green Shipping for the Holidays

With just a few days before Christmas, gifts and packages from loved ones from afar must have started coming in. I bet some presents have found their spots under the tree while others may not have the same fate, unwrapped as soon as they were delivered. While these presents bring invaluable delight and joy, they…

December 22, 2015
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How to Send a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines

It’s that time of the year again and Filipinos all over the world are busy filling up balikbayan boxes to send to their loved ones back home in time for the holidays.  Filipinos are known for having the longest celebration of Christmas in the world and a big part of their festivities is sharing blessings…

October 28, 2015
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