Shipping Glass and Breakables

Guide, tips and, information on how to ship glass and breakables items so they arrive undamaged and in good condition.

How to ship perfume

How to Ship Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles, particularly antique or vintage ones, are highly collectible because of their uniqueness and beauty. Those made from centuries ago are highly prized not only for their history but also for their exquisite craftsmanship. During those days, perfume bottles are painstakingly hand-crafted and thus, one-of-a-kind. Perfume bottles of recent years are usually mass-produced by …

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shipping polymer clay sculptures

How to Ship Polymer Clay Sculptures

Polymer clay is a synthetic modeling material that has become popular among artists, hobbyists, and children. It is easy to work with and readily available in craft, hobby, and art stores. Polymer clay is usually used for making figurines, beads and fashion jewelry, doll heads and extremities, refrigerator magnets, and other decorative items. After sculpting, …

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shipping resin models

How to Ship a Resin Model

Resin models are scale model figures of various subjects including popular personalities, anime characters, aircraft and ships, movie monsters, animals, dinosaurs, and firearms. Resin kits, also called garage kits, are available for hobbyists to assemble, paint and display. For some, assembling resin kits have become a lucrative business, selling the finished products to collectors. Most …

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