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International Shipping

Guide, tips and, information on international shipping and how to ship items to other parts of the globe.

Bizzare Customs Regulations

15 Bizarre Customs Regulations

Every country imposes its own customs regulations to protect its residents, economy, environment, etc. Restrictions on guns, flammable substances, and hazardous materials, are quite understandable. However, some countries’ customs regulations will leave you scratching your head. Read on and see what we mean.

shipping to Japan

International Shipping: Sending A Parcel To Japan

With a distance of over 6,000 miles, shipping an item from the United States to Japan seems daunting. Thanks to modern advancements, sending a parcel internationally is now fast and easy. However, it is still important to be familiar with international shipping best practices to ensure that a package arrives on time, in best condition …

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