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Tips on Packing and Shipping Snakes

Shipping snakes

Though a lot of us finch at the mere mention of snakes, an increasing number of people are taking these reptiles as pets. Nowadays, snakes are easily shipped for trading and selling between hobbyists. However, it is illegal to ship snakes through the United States Postal Service. But commercial shipping companies like FedEx allow the shipment of these exotic pets.

Snakes must be properly packed for shipping to ensure that they don’t get harmed or cause harm to the people who’ll be handling them during the shipping process. Here are tips on properly packing and shipping snakes to ensure that they arrive safely and in good condition.

Ship only healthy and well-hydrated snakes. Do not feed it for a few days before shipping.

Small snakes should be placed in plastic deli cups with lid and air holes on the sides. Secure the lid with packaging tape to ensure that it won’t pop open. Bigger snakes should be placed in sacks and secured with a rubber band or zip tie.

Get an appropriately-sized sturdy shipping box that can accommodate the snake in deli cup of sack.

Puto some wadded up newspaper, shredded paper, or packing peanuts at the bottom of the box to form a layer of cushion. Lay the snake on top of the packing material and at the center of the box. Fill the empty spaces with more packing material such that the contents do not move or shift around the box.

Protect the snake from temperature extremes by adding a heat pack into the box if temperatures are expected to drop below 75 degrees Fahrenheit; use a cold pack if temperatures are expected to be above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape.  Address and label the package and take to your choice of the shipping company.  Make sure that the shipping company you plan to use allows the shipping of snakes.

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