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How to Ship a Stuffed Balloon

ship a stuffed balloon

Stuffed balloons are a novel way to greet or surprise a loved one on a special day. The unusual package will surely make the recipient wonder how it was possible to get something inside a balloon.  The stuff inside can be anything from toys, candies, lingerie or even a small box with a diamond engagement ring! The possibilities are endless as long as the stuff is small enough to get inside the balloon and has no jagged or pointed parts that can puncture it. There are many shops in the malls which sells stuffed balloons. They use special contraptions to make it easier to put the stuff inside. You can personalize your stuffed balloon by bringing the stuff you want to be placed inside and let the professionals do it for you.

To ship the stuffed balloon, extra care and attention must be given to ensure that it will arrive intact.  Here are tips on how to pack and ship a stuffed balloon.

Wrap the stuffed balloon in cellophane sheets.  This will protect the balloon from the packaging peanuts that will be used as packing materials.

Get a shipping box that is a bit larger than the balloon and can provide extra 2 inches of space on all sides.  Fill the bottom of the box with at least 2 inches of packing peanuts.

Place the balloon in the center of the shipping box, on top of the peanuts. Then use Styrofoam blocks in between the balloon and the insides of the box to prevent the balloon from rubbing against the sides of the box. Fill the rest of the box with packing peanuts and close the box with shipping tape.

Address and label the package with fragile.  Take it to a shipping company or post office and pay for expedited shipping. You don’t want your loved one to receive a deflated stuffed balloon so you’ll want to pick quickest possible shipping option.

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