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How to Ship a Pet Rabbit

shipping rabbit

Rabbits make great pets, especially for children.  Though they are timid and fragile-looking, rabbits van be fun to own and take care of.  They respond to their names, can be litter-trained, and don’t sulk like cats. A pair of rabbits can also reproduce quite easily and sire around 800 bunnies in a season, making breeding this critter quite a prolific business.

Rabbits can be easily shipped but proper precautions must be observed to ensure that they are safe and sound during the transport. Heat is the most important consideration because rabbits can only regulate their body temperatures by letting cool air pass over their ears. Here are some tips on how to ship a pet rabbit.

1. The best way to ship a rabbit is in a sturdy carrying cage. Carriers specifically designed for rabbits are the best.  Pick one that has sturdy wire surround, slotted floor and watertight tray at the bottom. These carriers usually come in different sizes, choose one that can accommodate your pet comfortably with enough space to move around. There are also carriers that can accommodate several rabbits and come with individual separators.

2. If your rabbit’s destination is quite far, make sure to provide food and water for your pet. Place them in food dishes and water bottles that can be fastened to cage walls.

3. If the destination is not too far and transport will not take long, you may not provide food and water as these can only create mess in the cage in case of spillage.

4. Place a layer of absorbent bedding material into the bottom tray to absorb any waste the rabbit produces during the trip, plus any spilled water, so use a generous quantity.

5. Look for pet transport companies on your local yellow pages or online or ask friends for referrals.  Pick a reputable company that have been in the business for a long time as they have the experience to transport pets with care. Once you have decided which company to use, considering the rate and service, call them up and schedule for a pick up.

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