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How to Calculate Shipping Costs

Calculate Shipping Costs

Shipping items can be a costly venture especially if you ship on a regular basis. You want to ship an item the best way but the cheapest way as well.  Thus, it is ideal to have an idea on how much it will to cost send out items. To calculate the cost of shipping, you must know the weight and value of the item as well as the distance the item will travel and how fast you want it delivered. Here’s how to calculate for shipping costs.

Most reputable shipping companies have a website which offers shipping rate calculators.  All you have to do is provide the correct information about  the item you are shipping and it will give you an estimate of your shipping cost.

You will need to determine the value of your item for insurance if you need to insure the package.

After wrapping and packing your package, Weigh your package using a digital scale. This is the total weight that you will pay for when calculating shipping costs.

You will also need to take the dimensions of the package including height, width and length. Enter the dimensions into the section that asks for this information.

To determine how far your package will have to travel, you will be asked for your location and the destination of the package. Be precise when providing these information. Give your correct city and ZIP code and the city and ZIP code of the receiver.

Finally, select the shipping method that fits your budget.  Remember that the faster the shipping method, the higher the shipping rate you will have to pay.

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