How to Ship Live Parrots

Shipping a Parrot

They are colorful, sociable, affectionate and they can talk (or at least imitate human voices)!  These are just some of the traits of the parrot that endear it to pet lovers.  They are relatively easy to take care of and breed.

Shipping live birds through the United States postal service is highly illegal and could result in injury to the bird. But they can be shipped as cargo in a commercial airliner. Here are valuable tips on how to ship live parrots and ensure that they arrive healthy and in perfect condition.

1. Get the parrot ready for for the trip by giving it stress reduction vitamins a week before the trip.

2. Prepare a hard plastic kennel cab that has a perch set about an inch from the bottom of the carriage, then mark the cab with the words “Live Animal.” This will allow the bird to be free from any harm that could come from airplane turbulence.

3. Place a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the kennel cab.  Put some bird feed and fruit inside the kennel to allow the bird to eat during a long flight. The fruit will provide the bird with liquids that are essential for the health of the bird.

4. Don’t place any water containers in the kennel cab. This is now a standard safety requirement for shipping any cargo, due to homeland security measures.

5. Line the entire kennel cab with a thick cloth so that the bird’s stress levels will be reduced during flight.

6. Obtain a health certificate for your parrot within 10 days of your flight, then contact your airline to ask how early you will need to show up in order to ensure that their security clearance can be passe.

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