How to Ship a Snowboard

shipping snowboards

Even if snowboards are used to slide down snow-covered slopes, they still need proper packing before shipping. Yes, they are sturdy enough to withstand the rigorous and rough shipping environment but they still need protection to ensure that they arrive un-chipped, scratch-free, and in good condition. Here are some tips on how to ship a snowboard properly.

The best way to protect the snowboard against scratches and chipping is by wrapping it. It will not only protect the edges but also the face of the board.

Wrap the snowboard in butcher paper, newsprint, or even newspaper. Then, wrap it generously with bubble wrap and use packaging tape to secure in place. Make sure to put extra padding on board’s edges, tip, and tail using foam. These parts are what will hit the ground first so it is a good idea to put a little more padding on these areas.

Get a box that will accommodate the board.  This will be a bit difficult since snowboards come in unusual shapes.  You may ask for boxes from snowboarding shops or customize one by merging smaller boxes. The resulting box should fit the board and allow some extra space for packing materials.

Place the wrapped snowboard inside the box and fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts. The peanuts will ensure that there will be no room for the board to move around. Preventing the board from shifting in movement ensures that the board will suffer impact damage.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. It is a good idea to tape up the box really well. Taping the box up gives more strength to the box and lowers risk for damage.

Address and label the package and take to the shipping company.  You might want to insure the board.

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