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How to Ship Butterflies

shipping butterflies

A butterfly release is fast becoming a popular trend during weddings and anniversary celebrations. These dainty and fascinating creatures add romance and whimsy to any event.  Morbid as it may sound, butterfly releases are also gaining popularity during funerals.

Because of their delicate and fragile nature, butterflies must be properly packed to ensure that they arrive safe and alive when shipped from one place to another.  The following are some helpful tips on how to ship butterflies successfully.

Place each butterfly in an individual release box that resembles cardboard envelopes. These boxes are designed to protect the butterflies during shipment. Be extra careful when placing the butterflies into the boxes so as not to damage their wings. Gather the individual release boxes and place them inside a small cardboard box.

Fill the remaining empty spaces with enough tissue paper to prevent the individual release boxes with butterflies from moving around the cardboard box.

Get a bigger shipping cardboard box that can accommodate the box with butterflies and have enough space for cool packs and other packing materials.

Line the shipping box with a big plastic bag and then with Styrofoam board at the bottom and sides of the box. These will provide insulation and protect the butterflies when the package is tossed around during shipment.

Place the small box with butterflies in one corner of the shipping box.  Use some tissue paper to fill empty spaces so that the smaller box stays in its place.

Activate a couple of cold packs and wrap them in tissue paper. Place them inside the shipping box as well.  The cold packs will keep the package in cool temperature which is necessary so that the butterflies will go into a state of hibernation and conserve their energy. Never use ice as these can cause leaks that can soak the butterflies and harm them.

Fill the remaining spaces with more tissue paper to ensure that the small box as well as the cold packs stay in their places and do not shift during transport. Place another Styrofoam board on top of the box.  Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and ship via Overnight Express to arrive the Day Before the special event. Instruct the receiver to store the package in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, until just prior to the butterfly release.

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