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How to Ship Goldfishes

shipping gold fishes

Goldfishes are popular pets because they are cute and fascinating but are relatively easy to take care of. Many people are so attached to the pet goldfish that they want to take it wherever they go including a friend who wants to ship hers to her new residence.  While shipping could expose a fish to stress, following proper precautions in packing could assure that the little swimmer will arrive unharmed and in good condition. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship goldfishes.

Fill a clear heavy-duty plastic bag with about two liters of water from the fish tank.

Carefully place the goldfish or fishes inside the bag. Make sure that the fishes were not fed for the last three days so they will not excrete too much waste in the water. Excessive unprocessed ammonia in the water could lead to burnt gills.

Put about three liters of oxygen in the bag.  A pet shop may help you with this.

Twist the bag and use rubber bands to seal it shut.

Place the bag in another bag and seal it again with a rubber band.  This is a preventive measure against leaks in case the inner bag has a hole.  The second bag will also add protection and prevent getting punctured.

Place the bag in a sturdy shipping box lined with a quarter of an inch packing popcorn or newspaper on the bottom.  Fill the rest of the box with more packing popcorn or newspaper up to the top of the box, making sure that the bag does not shift around when the box is shaken.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Address the package and attach labels such as “Live Fish” and take to a shipping company. Choose the fastest option possible.

If shipping during hot weather, some cold packs will help keep the temperature inside the package down.

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