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How to Ship a Ferret

shipping a ferret

Ferrets are among the most popular household pets in the US.  They are energetic and curious creatures. Ferrets love to play with humans and must be released from their cages to exercise and satisfy their abundant curiosity daily. They are very easy to take care of but future owners mus be warned: ferrets love to carry small objects to hidden locations.

Because they are sneaky little critters, ferrets must be properly packed for shipping to prevent them from getting out of their cages and keep them safe and healthy until they arrive in their new destination. Here are some tips on how to properly ship a ferret.

Find a reputable animal transport company that can take your ferret to its new destination safely. Some of these companies offer to pick up services so you don’t have to take the animal to the shop yourself.

Days before shipping, take your ferret to the vet and have it checked up. While in the vet’s office, make sure that your ferret’s papers and rabies shots are up-to-date.

On shipping day, use a carrier that is big enough to accommodate your ferret comfortably. To save on costs, there are super sturdy, cheap carriers made of corrugated cardboard available in most animal transport supply store.  Pic a carrier that is large enough to allow your ferret to get up and turn around. Also, make sure that it is strong and rigid enough to sustain a fall or collision with other baggage without collapsing on your pet!

Make sure that the carrier locks are done properly because these creatures can be very sneaky! It would also be a good idea to write down your contact information on the cage, just to be on the safe side.

Tell the pet transport personnel about any special medication your ferret takes, as well as the type of diet, water, and exercise schedule that your ferret is used to. Also provide extra food and medication to the personnel, in case their trip takes longer than expected due to weather, traffic, mechanical problems, etc.

Also include toys, towels, blankets, or other things that your ferret loves to play with and makes him feel at home.

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