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How to Ship a Horse

Ship a Horse

Good horses don’t come cheap. A recreational riding horse can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to many thousands. The cost of caring for one is another story. When transporting live horses, the safety and comfort of the animals are of utmost importance especially if they are to attend shows or competitions. Making sure that they are in their best condition when they arrive at their destination can be quite expensive.

Aside from the costs involved, shipping a hose is also a tedious process for the uninitiated.  There are lots of paperwork to be done not to mention veterinary requirements that should be presented especially if the animal will be crossing state lines. For instance, you need to present a negative Coggins test (for Equine Infectious Anemia, or EIA) which has to be done within the last 6 to 12 months depending on the destination state’s laws. Most states also require a health certificate, within 10 to 30 days, again depending on the state. Some states require a brand inspection or an entry permit.

Thus, it is safer to rely on the services of a professional and experienced horse shipping company when transporting horses. Such companies offer services that will cover all the shipping processes from paperwork, veterinary requirements and the actual transport of the animal.

These companies provide clean, properly licensed and insured vehicles that are designed to give the horses a most comfortable ride. They also have professional staff who will take good care of the animals during the trip, making sure that they don’t get too stressed out or injured during transit.

While this adds additional costs, it is all worth it as owners can rest assured that their animal is in good hands during the transport. It can also eliminate the hassles of doing all the paper work themselves and prevent them from making costly mistakes.

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