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How to Ship a Dishwasher

ship dishwasher

Sometimes, it is more economical to just purchase a brand new appliance than transport an old one. But if you really have to ship a major appliance, the following tips on how to ship a dishwasher can help make the move more efficient and prevent costly mistakes.

A dishwasher can be shipped either by freight or through a moving service. Decide on which type would be best for your item. Rates will depend on how far the destination will be so checking out which company can offer the most cost-effective service.

Aside from the rate, also take into consideration the company’s background, reputation, years of experience, etc. when picking a service. Remember that you will entrust your item to this company so you should choose one that can ensure that your item will be safe, undamaged and will arrive on time.

When you have decided on which company to use, call them up and make arrangements for pickup and ask for other requirements that they might need so you can immediately prepare them.

Most shipping companies will do the packing themselves when they pickup the item. Others will provide instructions on how to package the appliance so they’ll just pick it up and leave immediately.  What you can do is clean your dishwasher before the staff arrives by running it on empty with hot water and some detergent.

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