How to Ship a Sea Horse

shipping a seahorse

Seahorses are strange and beautiful creatures that make them even more fascinating to humans. They definitely make amazing conversation pieces once inside an aquarium. Sea horses can be shipped through the mail safely as long as you follow precautions properly. Here are some tips on how to pack and ship a sea horse.

Only ship healthy seahorses and only choose next-day mail.

Find a cardboard box with a Styrofoam core that fits snugly inside the box.

Open the halves of your Styrofoam core and cut out a space inside that will accommodate your seahorse’s bag and nothing else. Make sure that whichever way the box is oriented, there’s enough headroom for your seahorse to be upright in the water.

Get a bladder bag and fill one-third full of water.  Only use the aquarium water your seahorse is accustomed to.

Gently place the seahorse in the bag. Fill the remaining two-thirds of the bag with pure oxygen and clip the bag tight, leaving about 1 inch of slack over the clip.

Place this bag inside another clear bag and clip the outer bag tightly too, with slack to spare.

Place the bagged seahorse inside the Styrofoam cut-out, making sure it fits perfectly. Tape the bag with packing tape to the Styrofoam to ensure it won’t be tossed around during shipping.

Place the Styrofoam core inside the cardboard box and seal it tightly with packing tape.

Make sure the seahorses you are shipping are not endangered or threatened.  It is a crime to ship endangered species and this could land you into trouble.

Avoid putting more than one seahorse in a bag.  Ship with one bag of seahorse per box only.


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