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How to Pack and Ship a Fondant Cake

How to Ship Fondant Cake

Although its frosting doesn’t run or gets ruined by the slightest movement, fondant cakes still require utmost care when being shipped.  Fondant icing will crack and crumble if handled improperly. Below are some tips on how to pack and ship a fondant cake properly to ensure that it reaches its final destination in one delectable piece.

Cool the cake after baking. Once cooled, remove it from the pan and decorate it with fondant.

Re-place the frosted cake into the aluminum baking pan it was baked on.  Make sure to wash the pan with soap and water first. The pan will provide a steady base for shipping.

Then, use plastic food wrap to cover the entire cake. Toothpicks can be used to protect any decorative elements from being crushed by the plastic wrap.

Put the cake in a bakery box that is big enough to accommodate the confection, but not so large that the cake has room to move around. Shifting could damage the delicate fondant covering. Tape the edges of the box to keep it closed during shipping.

Bubble wrap the entire bakery box. Use tape to secure the wrap to the box. This will add an additional layer of protection against damage during shipping.

Get a slightly larger shipping box and place the boxed cake inside. Fill empty spaces between the bakery box and the corrugated box with packing peanuts.

Close the corrugated box and tape the flaps with packaging tape to secure. Address and label the package.  Place the mailing and return address on top of the box.  Write or post “Perishable” stickers on the box to alert the shipping company that the box contains food.

Take the package to a mailing service. Ship it using overnight or express service to ensure that the cake gets to its destination quickly.

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