How to Ship Cannas

Ship Cannas Cannas are large-flowered and bright garden plant. Gardeners love them because they add beauty to a flowerbed at a time when many other perennials are finished blooming.  Cannas are closely related to gingers, bananas, marantas and heliconias.  They are propagated using their rhizomes, making it easy for garden enthusiasts to swap different varieties via the mail. Here is an easy to follow guideline on how to ship cannas thru post.

Clean the canna rhizomes and brush off any excess soil. You can also rinse them with water and let them air dry a few days.

Place the rhizomes in a sturdy cardboard box or plastic container.

Use peat moss, clean sawdust, newspaper or shredded paper to fill the remaining spaces. If the cannas are already beginning to “wake up” (shoots are starting to grow), you may want to wrap them in wet paper towels.

Seal the container securely with packing tape, and label it for shipping. Take the package to the post office and choose express mail to prevent your cannas from drying out or getting damaged because erratic temerature before they get to their destination.

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