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How to Properly Pack and Ship a Pixie Frog

shipping pixie frog

African bullfrogs, also known as Pixie frogs, are such great pets! Kids love them because of their cute appearance when they are young. But mature ones can grow as much as 9.5 inches (24 cm) and weigh over two kilograms! That’s one huge frog! They are easy to take care of, just feed them with big bugs, fish like guppies, super meal worms, or mice.

Just like shipping any other live animal, proper packing must be observed to ensure that the critter arrives safely and in good condition.  Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a pixie frog.

The key to successfully shipping a pixie frog is to pack it in a sturdy tub or container with a lid.  Use a tub that can comfortably accommodate the frog and is not too large for the animal to move around during transit.

Put a lot of substrate into the container to cushion the frog and prevent it from moving around.  The best option for substrate is moist sphagnum.  Also make sure to punch several air holes on the lid of the container and secure it with packaging tape to prevent it from popping out.

Place the container in a sturdy cardboard shipping box with packing material all around and on top and bottom.  You can use packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper or shredded paper.  Just make sure that the box is well-packed to prevent the container in the center from moving around.

Address and label the package properly and take it to a commercial shipping company like UPS or FedEx, or you can send it by USPS express mail or overnight delivery. It is best to declare what you are shipping so the package will be handled with care. It’s also important to put a cooling block inside the package if you are sending during hot weather. Wrap it first in newspaper before placing inside to prevent the ice block from freezing the tub.

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