Guide to Packing a Kitchen for Moving

Packing a Kitchen for Moving Filled with numerous appliances, food stuff, and cooking accouterments, the kitchen is probably the hardest room to pack for moving. From gadgets to china and silverware to pots and pans stored in drawers and cupboards, the amount stuff that your have to sort through can get overwhelming. To help you make the tedious task a little bearable, we list down some tips to help you pack your kitchen and have everything ready for when the movers arrive.

Take only what you need
Over the course of time, you might have collected a considerable amount of stuff for your kitchen. However, not everything will have a use in your new home so sort your stuff, select only those that you will use in your new home and get rid of the rest. The rule of thumb is: if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, don’t take it with you. Another tip to help you decide whether to bring an item or not is to consider the space you have in your new house. Getting rid of useless and unwanted items will also help de-clutter your new kitchen. You can donate items you are giving up to shelters, food banks, have a garage sale or give useable items to friends.

Set aside an Essentials Box
Separate the things you’ll be using for your remaining days in your current home such as dishes, an all-purpose cooking pot, cutlery, food items, small appliances (coffee maker/toaster), dishtowel, dishcloth, cleaner, soap, etc. Designate a box for packing these stuff. This will be the last box you’d pack before leaving and the first one you’ll unpack when you settle in your new home.

Pack items not frequently used
Stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis such as stemware, vases, baking sheets, electric mixers, cookbooks, serving dishes, etc, can be packed early on.

Pack food stuff that will not go bad
Wines, canned goods and bottled goods that will not spoil can be packed ahead of time. Make sure to set aside items that you plan on opening between now and the move so you don’t have to unpack the box just to look for the bottled marinara sauce you plan to use on your last dinner before the move. Also, check expiration dates before packing so you don’t take stuff that has passed their best before dates.

Pack dishes and glasses
Breakables require extra care when packing. Make sure to pack them with sufficient bubble wrap to protect against breakage during transit. Follow these tips when packing dishes.

Pack pots and pans
Provide cushion when packing pots, pans, and crockery. Don’t forget the lids! Follow these tips when packing pots and pans.

Pack appliances
Large appliances such as cooking range, oven, refrigerator must be packed at least 24 hours in advance. That is if you plan to bring it with you. If so, make sure they will fit in your new home and they can pass through doors and hallways going to your new kitchen. Improper preparation can lead to gas leaks, broken parts, and appliances that won’t work. Read the manuals, and if you’re unsure of how to prepare them, call a professional. Follow these tips when packing large appliances.

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