Helpful Guide When Packing and Shipping a Paddle Board

How to Ship a Paddle Board Paddle boards are long boards used for the sport of paddleboarding. They are usually made of fiberglass, epoxy, and/or carbon fiber and are generally quite large, ranging from 8 feet to 18 feet. Brand new boards can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 for custom boards. Used boards that have been well kept are in high demand and can be sold fairly easily on paddle board listing websites.

Because of their size and shape, shipping paddle boards is one of the biggest challenges to buying and selling these items. It may take some time and elbow grease but, knowing how to properly pack a paddle board by yourself can help cut costs and ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. We list down tips on how to pack and ship a paddle board to help you send it to the recipient unharmed.

Retailers and manufacturers of paddle boards have the packaging down to a science so if you were able to save the original packaging, use it by all means. The original packaging will provide optimum protection for your paddle board as long as it is intact and has not lost the integrity of the cardboard casing. Just make sure to bubble wrap every inch of the board before encasing it in its box. Then, seal and secure the box with heavy duty shipping tape.

If the original packaging is no longer available, stop by your local paddle board retailer and ask if they have any paddle board box that they are getting rid off. They may give it to you for a minimal fee or for free if you asked nicely.

If you were not so lucky to get free packaging, just get packing materials from you local shipping supplies stores. You will need bubble wrap, cardboard box, and rolls of packaging tape. Wrap the paddle board in layers of bubble wrap. Pay extra attention to the sides and ends of the board, making sure that they are well cushioned as these parts are most prone to damage due to impact. Cut to size a cardboard box so it can snugly encase the paddle board. Seal the boxed paddle board tightly with packing tape. Address and label the package.

As your ordinary courier may not accept an oversized package, your best option is to look at paddle board trade and exchange sites. When you signup and list your item for shipping, numerous crowd-sourced or private shipping companies will bid on shipping your paddle board. Typically, you can get a bid and estimated time of arrival to your board’s destination within a couple days of posting your item to these sites.

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