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How to ship appliances

Home appliances, just like any other electronic devices, are fragile items that need to be properly packed before shipping to ensure that they arrive intact and in good working conditions. These items must be packed in the right container to give it protection from the elements and cushioned with sufficient packing materials that will act as the shock absorber from the falls, drops and bumps the package might encounter during the shipping process. Here are some important tips when packing appliances for shipping.

Use appropriate containers.  To provide the items with sufficient protection, only use sturdy and heavy duty containers such as cardboard boxes. Massive appliances may even require wooden boxes or crates to provide optimum protection.  The size of the container should also be taken into consideration. It should be significantly bigger than the appliance to be shipped and provides extra space for packing materials, otherwise the appliance can be exposed to direct impacts.

Cushioning materials in the bottom  of the container.  A sufficient layer of packing materials in the bottom of the container is your appliance’s first defense against drops and falls. Make sure to use appropriate packing materials for optimum shock absorption.  While shredded paper may be enough for light-weight devices, it may not provide sufficient protection for heavier appliances. The ideal bottom liners for heavier items are Styrofoam pads, packing peanuts or beads.  They should be at least 5cm (2 inches) deep and the appliance should sit snugly on this base.

Packing around the appliance. Make sure that your appliance is well supported and protected by packing materials on all sides, top and bottom. This is why it is essential to have a slightly bigger container than the appliance. The packing materials between the item and the container will prevent direct impact and avoid costly damages on the item. The materials will also prevent the appliance from shifting around the box that might wreak havoc on the inner workings of the item.

Bubble wrap the appliance. Generously wrap your item in bubble wrap.  Aside from providing padding and cushion, it also protect the appliance from scratches and other damages. Use heavy duty packing tape to secure layers of bubble wrap into place.

Seal the appliances.  Protect the appliance from moisture, dirt and dust by ensuring that the container is airtight. Alternatively, you can wrap the item in plastic and seal with packing tape.

Original boxes. If available, the best containers for appliances are their original boxes. They are custom made to hold and protect the item, and comes with Styrofoam packing blocks that ensure that the appliance sits snugly inside the box. However, only use the original box if they are still sturdy and stable.

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