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 Shipping a Set f Dishes

Whether you are moving out and taking your set of dishes with you or sending them as gifts, there is a proper way to pack your set of dishes to ensure that they arrive safely and with nary a scratch. Here are practical tips on how to properly pack and ship a set of dishes.

Prepare new cardboard shipping boxes. A standard set of dishes will usually fit into 3 to 4 large boxes.

Wrap every dish in bubble wrap with the bubbles facing inward. Use packing tape to secure it.

Layer the bottom of a box with at least two inches of Styrofoam packing peanuts. Do not ever use the newspaper! Place several wrapped dishes gently on top of the peanuts but make sure they are not touching one another. Cover the dishes with another two inches layer of peanuts.

Don’t forget to lightly shake the box every so often so that the peanuts disperse evenly. Continue layering dishes and packing materials until the box is full.

Close and seal the box with packing tape. Label it and protect it with clear tape so that the address does not smear during shipping in case of inclement weather. Also, apply several fragile/glass stickers to the box.

Insure your shipment through your carrier of choice and keep records of your tracking numbers.

When insuring collectible items or antiques, it may be a good idea to have the goods appraised prior to shipping them so that you are aware and have proof of their true monetary value.

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