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How to Ship a Rocking Chair

shipping a rocking chair

The size and irregular shape of a traditional grandfather rockers make shipping it seems like a daunting task. The fact that you have to protect it as it may be a valuable and fragile antique piece adds up to the worries of shipping this type of furniture. However, when informed with the proper know-how, shipping a rocking chair is a breeze.  Here are a few simple tips on how to pack and ship a rocking chair and ensure that it arrives in one working piece.

Wrap cardboard pieces around the rockers, as well as the back and armrests.  Use packaging tape to secure the cardboard but be very careful to not get tape on the chair itself. Tape adhesive can damage the finish on a rocking chair.

Cover the entire chair with bubble wrap, making sure to adequately pad the rockers, armrests, and wood trim.

Wrap the chair with plastic wrap, tightly covering the entire chair and its packaging. Be generous with the wrap to make sure that it is secure and holding the packing materials in place.

Print out large address labels and adhere them on the chair, front and back.  Use clear packaging tape to adhere in on the chair.

Take the packed rocking chair to your local shipping company or have it picked up.

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