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How to Ship a Bundt Cake

Ship a Bundt Cake
A Bundt-cake keeper

Bundt cakes are delicious ring-shaped tea-time cakes.  They are great gifts and can be shipped quite uncomplicatedly because you can put their glaze or icing on the side, unlike other iced cakes that may get ruined during transit.  However, special precautions must be done when shipping Bundt cakes due to their structure: that big hole in the center makes them rather fragile.  Here are some tips on how to properly ship a Bundt cake to ensure that it arrives safely at its destination.

Completely cool your Bundt cake before packing for shipping.  Place the cake inside a Bundt-cake keeper, which is a storage device shaped like a hollowed-out Bundt cake.  These are available in most baking supply stores.  This serves as a protective shell to help the cake survive the harsh shipping environment.

Place the glaze or icing for the Bundt cake into a small airtight container, then slide the container into a plastic bag and tie it shut. If your Bundt keeper has a hole and the container fits, it is best to place it there.  If not, you will just have to place the frosting container beside the cake in the box.

Place the Bundt keeper with the cake in it on a sturdy shipping box, along with the frosting container. Put packaging material on empty spaces and make sure that the cake doesn’t move around in the box.

Close the box and tape it shut. Also, tape every seam on the box.

Address, label and take the package in your local shipping office.

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