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Recommendations When Shipping Electronic Media Containing Sensitive Personal Information

shipping a flash drive

Utmost care must be employed when shipping electronic media that contain important personal information not only to ensure that the item will arrive without any damage but also to prevent the sensitive data from landing on the wrong hands.

When shipping electronic media such as diskettes, CD/DVD, USB flash drives, hard drives, RAMs and other devices that contain sensitive personal information like social security number, bank and credit card information, consider the following recommendations to ensure that your package is safe and secure all throughout the shipping process.

Prior to packaging, retain a copy of the data. Also employ security precautions on the data contained in the electronic media itself such as requiring access passwords, encryption or other technological means. If using a password, send it to the recipient separately via a phone call or email.

Carefully seal the item containing sensitive information in an addressed envelope (including the sender’s return address and telephone number). Wrap the item in bubble wrap or other packing materials as necessary before placing inside a sturdy shipping box. Fill the box with packaging materials to prevent shifting and movement. Seal the box with heavy-duty packaging tape. Attach addresseses and labels.

To improve the level of protection when shipping devices containing sensitive information, most carriers offer specialized packaging for these kinds of items. For instance, UPS Express Hard Pak is especially designed for shipping electronic media containing important sensitive personal information. This corrugated box with inner liner features dual-locking closure for additional security.

To ensure that the item will land on the recipient’s hands, avail of options requiring an authorized signature upon delivery. Also request a tracking number so you can follow the where abouts of the package and ensure that the shipment has been properly received.

Maintain a listing of the specific items containing sensitive information included in the shipment to assist in follow-up activities in case the shipment is lost or stolen.

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