How to Ship a Flash Drive

shipping a USB flash drive

The USB flash drive is an efficient and portable method of storing data. They enable you to transfer all your data from one computer to another very easily. It predominantly replaces the formerly used and bulky options like DVDs, CD-ROMs, and floppy discs. These flash drives store an incredibly large amount of information depending on their capacity and are very compact. Because of these characteristics, the flash drive is a safe and cost-effective way to send out digital files. Here are some useful tips on how to ship a flash drive to ensure that it arrives safely and without any glitch.

Purchase a small padded envelope at your local office supply store.  Never use a regular envelope to mail a flash drive because it does not have any padding and therefore cannot protect the flash drive from damage during transit.

Properly address the envelope.  Place the flash drive inside the padded envelope and seal it. For added security seal it shut with extra tape if.

Take the package to your local post office, FedEx or UPS branch.

Purchase the appropriate postage for your package and leave it with the postal/shipping staff.  Factors such as size and weight of the package, how quickly you want it delivered, whether or not you require delivery confirmation and whether or not you purchase insurance will determine how much you will pay for shipping.

Track your package online if you want to know when it has been delivered (Note that you can only do this if you purchased delivery confirmation).

Reminder: Make sure you have a copy of the files inside the flash drive before sending it off especially if the contents are important.

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