How to Ship Baseball Cards via Mail

shipping baseball cards

Shipping rare and expensive baseball cards can get a bit nerve-wracking. Because of their value, both material and sentimental, baseball cards must be properly packed before shipping to ensure that they don’t get lost, wet or damaged. Here are some tips on how to pack and ship baseball cards to ensure that your treasured items arrive safely to its destination.

Insert the baseball card into its clear plastic card sleeve and place it inside a hard cardboard envelope.

Get a bubble-wrap cushioned airmail envelope and place the hard cardboard envelope inside. Another packing option is to place the cardboard envelope into a small cardboard box layered with packing peanuts.  Fill the remaining empty space with packing peanuts and close the box and seal with tape.

When mailing at the post office, consider getting insurance to cover the card’s monetary value. Also, choose the “track your package” option, and receive a tracking number to watch your package online as it travels. These services will require extra charges. Also, choose the option of a recipient’s signature on a return receipt. You will be sure it reaches its destination.

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