How to ship a book without spending too much

shipping book media mail

Shipping books through standard mail can get very expensive.  Here’s how to ship a book without breaking the bank: send it through Media Mail! Here are practical tips on how to properly pack and ship a book via USPS Media Mail:

Place the book inside a large mailer or a shipping envelope (preferably with bubble lining).

If shipping envelope with built-in bubble wrap is not available, just wrap the book in a layer of bubble wrap and insert it into the envelope without leaving a lot of excess room or making it too tight a fit.

Address the package appropriately. Make it look as professional as possible (think to buy and to sell by Amazon or other online dealers) so that postal workers will handle the package with care.

Take the package to the post office and ask the clerk to ship your book by “Media Mail.” This will be cheaper than sending it standard mail, however, such packages are subject to inspection by any post office employee. Other items that can be shipped through Media Mail include sheet music, printed educational material, 16 mm film, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, and another computer-readable media.

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