How to Pack and Ship Live Crawfish

shipping fresh crawfish

Fresh crawfish makes the best craw fish dishes. And nothing can beat a live craw fish when it comes to freshness! You can give friends and love ones the taste of this Southern seafood delicacy by shipping them live craw fish. There are available frozen craw fish meat in supermarkets but these are considered inferior to live ones. Here’s a simple to follow the guideline on how to ship live crawfish.

Before shipping day, keep the live craw fish in a cool area that maintains a temperature between 40 and 50 degrees.

On shipping day, get some paper towels or newspaper and wet them with cool water. Layer some on the bottom of a foam cooler box.

Place the craw fish in a foam cooler box with punched air holes on the sides and top. The air holes will allow oxygen inside the cooler and keep the animal alive.

Cover the craw fish with more moist newspaper or towels. This will allow them to stay cool during shipping and prevent them from drying out.

Put the cooler box’s lid on and seal with packaging tape. Address and label the package with “Live Animal” and “Handle with Care.”

Take the package to the post office or shipping company and choose same-day or overnight shipping to ensure fast delivery. You will want to indicate to the shipper that the package contains live animals so that it will be handled in the manner required to get it to the consignee as desired.

Reminder: It’s a good idea to include a recipe for crawfish dish and a reminder that it is best to cook the craw fish as soon as they receive it to enjoy its freshness.

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