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shipping a wrist watch

Shipping a wrist watch is a pretty simple task. Whether sending it to a repair center, a buyer, or as a gift, it can be done without any problems. However, extra precautions must be undertaken in packaging the watch to avoid scratches and other damages as well as to keep it safe from the sticky hands of unscrupulous individuals at the post office or shipping company. Below are some practical tips on how to ship wrist watches.

1. Protect the watch from scratches by covering the clasp with bubble wrap.  A couple of layers would be best.

2. When done covering the clasp, continue to wrap the entire watch several more times.

3. Place the bubble-wrapped watch inside of the protective bubble wrap envelope and seal securely.

4. Put the bubble wrap envelope into a smaller cardboard box which will serve as the inner box.

5. Write your name, address, and phone on the inner box in case damage occurs to the outer box.

6. Place the inner cardboard box into the outer and final cardboard box.

7. Attach the outer label accordingly and seal it. Use packing tape for edges for safer transit.

Reminder: When shipping your watch, never write the name of the service center on the address or write any indication that the package contains valuable items.

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