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How to Pack and Ship a Watermelon (or any other fragile item)

How to Ship Watermelon

Want to surprise someone living in a place where watermelons are non-existent? You can do that by sending him/her with a plump and juicy watermelon via the mail! Here’s how you can ship a watermelon anywhere without worrying that it might arrive nothing more than a disgusting pulp. You can also use this technique for shipping almost any sort of fragile item.

1. Get some cling wrap and cover the entire watermelon in plastic wrap.

2. Make sure that no part of the fruit is exposed by wrapping at least three layers of cling wrap.

3. The wrap will prevent the spray foam chemicals from seeping through the fruit and keep it fresh while it is in the mail.

4. Purchase a box that is a couple of inches larger than your watermelon and spray an inch or so of foam into the bottom.

5. Use a spray foam that won’t expand as it dries, otherwise, you run the risk of squashing your melon.

6. Set the box aside, checking once in a while.  When the foam is already about halfway dry, place the watermelon into the box. You want to make sure you have a good layer of foam below the melon, and that it has enough give to conform to the shape of the melon.

7. Take the spray foam bottle and fill the remaining empty space in the box, ensuring that the foam completely fills the box and that there are no air pockets that could allow the melon to shift while in transit.

8. Let the foam harden.

9. Write a note with your package explaining what is in it so the recipient will know to cut away the foam carefully when removing the melon.

10. Keep in mind that watermelons can be pretty heavy, so postage isn’t going to be cheap. Watermelons are pretty long-lasting, but you still want to make sure it is shipped quickly so that it will be as fresh as possible when it arrives.

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