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How to Ship Hubcaps

Ship Hubcaps

Hubcaps, also called wheel cover or wheel trim, are decorative disks attached on car wheels. They can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and even plastic. If you are planning to ship hubcaps, here are some tips to consider to ensure that they arrive without any damage.

Hubcaps are pretty sturdy but still require proper packing to prevent scratches and dents during transit especially when shipping a brand new set. To prevent such damages, each hubcap should be wrapped in shrink wrap or bubble wrap.

They can then be stacked, one of top of another in a sturdy shipping box with a layer of foam pad or bubble wrap on the bottom. For added protection, a sheet of cardboard can be placed between hubcaps.

The box you should use should just be large enough to accommodate the hubcaps, with a couple of inches on all sides for packing materials. Fill these void spaces with bubble wrap, foam boards, crumpled newspaper or any packing materials that will prevent the wheel covers from moving or shifting during transit.

Don’t forget to pack all ties, nuts or bolts that goes with the set in a Ziploc bag, seal and wrap in bubble wrap. Insert the bag in one of the corners of the box and keep in place by filling with packing materials.

Close the box and shake to determine if there are any movements inside. If the contents are moving, add more packing materials. Otherwise, seal the box with heavy duty packing tape. make sure to secure all flaps and seams with tape, including the bottom ones.

Attach address and labels on the box. Take the package to your local post office or shipping company.

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