What You Need To Know When Shipping Medicines

Ship Medicines There are instances when we have to send over medicines or medication refills to family members from afar.  Whether over-the-counter or prescription drugs, medicines can be easily shipped as long as proper packing precautions are met.  Proper packing is important to ensure that the medicines will arrive in excellent condition.  Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship medicines.

Tablets and capsules in blister packs must be wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed for shipping.  Ordinary mailers may not provide sufficient protection and the meds run the risk of popping out of their packs when other packages fell or stacked over them.

For bottled pills, keep the medicines from rattling about by filling the tops with cotton.  This will also prevent the pills from getting chipped or broken into pieces.  Make sure to keep bottle caps are tightly sealed.

As much as possible, send the prescription in the original dispensing container with appropriate labels.  You could also include a copy of the prescription in case someone from the post office questions the contents of the package. Properly label and documented medicines are much less likely to be questioned than unmarked pills.

Follow these tips when shipping medicines which require refrigeration.

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