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Cost-Saving Packing Strategies For Online Businesses

Cost-Saving Packing Strategies

Getting your products to your customers in excellent condition, on time and with as little cost as possible is the be-all and end-all of any online business.  To achieve these, you must rely on a good shipping company and employ a packing strategy that will ensure that all shipped products will arrive intact without spending too much time and money.  Here’s a list of smart packing tips to help you run a successful online business.

1.  Heavier or larger items go on the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top.  Take a hint from the bag boy at the supermarket who knows this concept by heart.  Otherwise, let gravity take its toll.

2.  Fill the sides, top, bottom and gaps between items with ample packing materials to prevent movement.  As much as possible, use biodegradable materials such as shredded newspaper or popcorn (yes, the edible variety but without the butter!).  Your customers will appreciate your concern for the environment.

3. To prevent accidents, place a piece of cardboard on the very top of the package before sealing the box close. Some overly excited customers get carried away when opening their packages they accidentally slash the merchandise with their cutters.

4.  Indicate which side of the box should face up.  This will guide shipping personnel as to the proper positioning of the box while in transit as well as provide customers idea on which side to open when they got their hands on the package.  It’s frustrating when a package safely arrives in its destination only to smash on the customer’s floor because he opened it wrong side up.

5.  Label your packages clearly.  Use a permanent marker and write the recipient’s complete address legibly.  Use an easily-readable font when printing labels.  Protect the label with clear tape to avoid getting damaged by moisture.  Be reminded that some shipping companies will refuse to deliver a package if any part of the address is obscured or too small to read.

6.  Reuse boxes by all means to protect the environment and save on costs.  However, only reuse boxes that haven’t lost their integrity to protect the items.  Also make sure that old labels, addresses and postage markings are removed or covered up.  Old bar codes that can be read by scanners may cause errors and delays in delivery.

7.  If shipping the same items on a regular basis, follow a packing model that has been proven to protect your merchandise.  This will serve as your guide on how to position items inside the package and how much packing materials to use so you don’t have to guess every time you pack.

By following these tips, we hope to help you cut on shipping costs, minimize returns from damaged goods, and increase your income by creating satisfied repeat customers.

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