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Greyhound Shipping: An Economical Way to Ship Big and Heavy Items

Greyhound shipping

Sending bulky and heavy items can get expensive when shipped via traditional methods.  Many folks, at least those who are in North America, have been using Greyhound shipping to send out packages at more economical rates.

Greyhound Package Express (GPX) is a service offered by Greyhound Lines, the largest North American intercity bus company.  The service is best for for shipping stuff that are over-sized and bulky but not more than 100 lbs. Same day and overnight freight rates are significantly lower than other shipping companies.

The lower rates are sure come-ons but be warned that Greyhound shipping has limitations. Here are things that you should know about GPX before deciding to use its services.

Greyhound Package Express does not deliver to home or business addresses. Be sure that your package’s recipient can go to a local Greyhound terminal to pick the item up.

  • GPX enforce size and weight limitations on packages: “measurements of length, width, and height shall not exceed either: A) 33″ x 33″ x 48″ or B) 24″ x 53″ x 74″. Maximum weight per piece is 100 pounds.”
  • You will have to pack the item yourself so make sure that it is properly done to avoid damages. Remember that a package will be unloaded and loaded onto another vehicle at each stop until it reaches its destination so pack it to survive the falls and bumps it will encounter. To be safe, make sure to purchase enough insurance to cover the cost of the item in case something bad happens in transit.
  • A service called Priority GPX is best for shipping packages that need to reach its destination immediately. This service is a bit more expensive because a package marked “priority” is made sure to arrive in a timely fashion as compared to stuff sent through Standard GPX.

Despite these limitations, GPX is still a great alternative if you are looking for an inexpensive method of shipping those odd items.

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