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How to ship doughnuts

ship donuts

Doughnuts are popular treats all over the world.  These holed teats come in different varieties such as the common glazed ring doughnut and the more complicated ones that are either filled or frosted with custard, fruit preserves, chocolate, etc.

They can be easily shipped through the mail as long as proper packing procedures are followed.  So if you want to ship doughnuts, whether homemade or bought from some popular bakery, just consider the following tips and you can be sure that your yummy treats will remain fresh and delectable when it arrives in its destination.

If you are shipping homemade doughnuts, make sure to cool them off completely before packing.

Pack the donuts in the air-tight Ziploc bags, allowing enough spaces between them so they will not get crushed.

Arrange the doughnuts in an airtight container and seal the lid. They should be snug but not too crowded inside the container so they will not move around which could damage them.

Place the container in a shipping box and fill the gaps with bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper. This is to prevent the container from shifting inside the box during transit.

Close the box and seal the seam with packaging tape.  Attach address and labels such as “Perishable” or “Handle With Care” on the box

Immediately take the package to your local carrier and use the fastest service possible to ship doughnuts and ensure that the package will arrive in good condition.

If shipping to a destination that will require longer period to arrive, you might want to freeze the doughnuts prior to shipping and  include some ice packs in the container. However, unfrosted doughnuts are fairly resilient, and in most cases will survive without these extra steps.

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