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What to Do With Unwanted Shipping Boxes

Recycle shipping boxes

Shipping can have a huge impact on our environment with most shipping boxes and packaging materials ending up in the trash. We should try to recycle, re-use, re-purpose or properly dispose these materials to lessen their ecological impact.

In the case of shipping boxes for instance, tress are cut down to produce them. It would be a great help to the environment if we recycle unwanted boxes to prevent the further degradation of forests. Here are some tips on how to properly dispose unwanted shipping boxes if re-using is not an option.

Sell unwanted shipping boxes. Go online to look for companies that buy and sell used shipping boxes in your area. You don’t only get rid of unwanted boxes, you also earn from them.

Alternatively, you can post about your hoard of unwanted boxes on online community boards. There are people who are looking for used shipping boxes to save on expenses from buying new ones so there will be someone who can take care of your garbage. You can charge a minimal fee or just give them away for free. It’s up to you.

Give it to charity. Charitable institutions need boxes to place goods for relief operations so your boxes will be of good use.  Also ask your local public schools and libraries which may need boxes to transport supplies and other stuff.

Check your area’s recycling programs. Most cities and towns now organize recycling drives so items that can still be used are sent to recycling companies and not dumped into landfills.

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