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5 Important Rules in Packing for Shipping

packing for shipping

Sending an item, large or small, can lead to costly mistakes if proper packing and shipping precautions are not followed. Most of these preventive measures are commonsensical, you want to ensure that the item has enough padding, cushion and protection to survive the falls and tumbles it will go through during the shipping process and arrive safely in its destination. Here are 5 important rules in packing for shipping.

1.  Wrap the item. Protect the item form scratches, bumps and other damages by wrapping in appropriate packing material such as bubble wrap, tissue paper or plastic. If you’re shipping several items using one box, individually individually wrap each item to prevent damaging each other. Artworks should be wrapped using non-acidic paper while electronic devices should be protected with anti-static bubble wrap.

2.  Use sufficient packing materials. Most damage occur when the item shifts inside the package or bump into one another when shipping several items together. Packaging materials help absorb shock and vibration during shipping as well as keep the item/s in place during transit.

3.  Protect and secure the package. Only use sturdy cardboard shipping boxes. Remember that aside from falls, bumps and tumbles, a package can also get crushed when heavier boxes are stacked on top of them. So choose a box that can provide support and protection to your item. Also use heavy-duty packaging tape to seal the seams of the box. Avoid using strings or ropes to tie the box as these can get caught in conveyor belts and other shipping equipment.

4.  If you are unsure of how to pack a fragile, high-value or oddly-shaped item, get the help of a professional shipping company. There are moving companies that specialize in custom packing large items like antique furniture. Their services can include packing the item, placing them in crates and palettes, and transport it to its destination safely.

5.  Insure your item. Consider buying insurance for your item especially if its an antique, high-value, or important. Insurance will be your protection in case something happens to the item during shipping like getting lost or damaged. Make sure that you have each item’s tracking numbers so you can watch their progress.

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