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Easy Tips on Shipping an Antique Framed Mirror

shipping antique framed mirrors

A fragile and valuable item such as an antique mirror must be properly packed to ensure that it arrives in its destination in one solid and undamaged piece. Here are some valuable and easy tips on packing and shipping an antique framed mirror.

The key to ensuring that the mirror avoids any damage during transit is by providing it with enough padding and cushion on all sides.  The ideal padding is at least 3 inches of padding on the front, back, and all sides of the framed object. Extra padding should also be placed on corners as these are the areas most susceptible to bumps and falls.

The best materials for padding are layers upon layers of Styrofoam insulation sheets and bubble wrap.  Use heavy-duty packing tape to hold the padding in place but make sure that the frame or the mirror itself has no direct contact with the tape’s adhesive to avoid damaging the finish.

Get a sturdy cardboard box that can snugly accommodate the wrapped mirror and provide extra space for Styrofoam pads on the bottom, top, and all four sides of the box. Cut to size a Styrofoam sheet and lay it on the bottom of the box. Then, place the mirror on top of the Styrofoam and fill the sides with more foam strips. Lay the final Styrofoam piece on top of the mirror and close the box.  The item should not shift when the box is slightly shaken.  In case it does, add more packing materials such as bubble wrap on empty spaces in the box.

Seal the box with packing tape, making sure that all seams are well supported and will not burst open. Attach addresses and labels such as “Fragile” and “Handle With Care.” Take the package to your shipping company or local post office.

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