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Tips on Packaging and Shipping Fragile Items

handle with care

Are you shipping fragile items like glass or other breakable items? You can ensure that these items get to their destination intact and without any damage by following these tips that must be considered while packaging delicate items that can break during transportation.

Use a sturdy box and inner packaging material to pad the item within the container and prevent it from shifting around. Also, choose a box that can accommodate the item or items properly with enough space for padding. Tape bottom flaps of the box before placing the item/items inside the box.

Wrap the fragile items with inner packing material to protect them from breaking or being scratched. Fill void spaces between items with packing peanuts. The inner packing material will serve as padding so that the items will not hit each other while in transit. Most common options for inner packing materials include bubble wrap, foam peanuts, newsprint, Kraft paper, and plastic air cushions. Inner packing material must be able to fill up extra free space between the fragile item and packaging box so selecting a flexible material will be the best choice.

Close all flaps of the box carefully and secure them properly with packaging tape. Label it with the address and “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” stickers. You can also get special packaging boxes with warnings already printed on them for easy and safe shipping of fragile goods.

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