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How to Ship Perfumes

How to ship perfume bottles

Special care must be employed when shipping perfumes due to the fact that they are in fragile containers, they can leak and even spoil if not handled properly. The following practical tips on how to ship perfumes will help ensure that the package will reach its destination unbroken and unspilled.

In some countries, shipping perfumes are prohibited because it is a flammable liquid so it is wise to verify whether there are any shipping restrictions against perfumes in your destination. This will save you time, money and effort. If you are thinking of shipping perfume without declaring them, think again.  It is illegal and you might face graver consequences.

If possible, keep the bottles in their original boxes. These boxes are designed to provide protection for the fragile bottles and reduce the risk of them breaking. However, if your perfume bottles don’t come in their own boxes, find an appropriately-sized box for each bottle.  For added protection, wrap them individually in bubble wrap.

Use a cardboard box that is appropriate for the number of boxes you want to ship: if it’s too big, you will need more padding than is necessary; if it’s too small the boxes can be too close to each other and get damaged during handling.

Make sure that the box is well-padded bu using plenty of Styrofoam peanuts or newspaper pieces. This padding is especially important if your perfume bottles are not in individual boxes. You can either place the bottles as far away from each other as possible to prevent them from touching each other and filling that space with padding or if there are many bottles, place them all close together and pad the remaining space really well.

Secure the box with enough tape to make sure it will stay safely shut during the shipping process. Label the package and don’t forget to mark it “Fragile” and “Handle with Care.”

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