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How to Ship Meat

How to Ship Meat

Shipping fresh meat is easy if proper procedures were taken in packing it.  Here are a few tips on how to ship meat to its destination without any loss in the quality, taste, and freshness.

Meat without any preservatives must be shipped overnight to keep its freshness.  However, if it will take a long distance to reach its destination, it is not advisable to ship fresh meat without freezing or processing.

For short distance shipping, freezing is not necessary.  Delivering it fresh will also ensure it will keep its good taste.

Use a Styrofoam box with 2” thick walls as your shipping container. Pack the box well by filling all the space with newspaper and/or cellulose wadding. Place ice gel packs to keep the temperature. Dry ice is not recommended as it is prohibited by the USPS.  But if using dry ice, don’t tightly seal the box otherwise CO2 gas will break the box.

The distance of the destination will determine the best shipping methods. The most common methods are shipping overnight, or in a refrigerated vehicle, excess baggage, air freight, parcel services like UPS, Federal Express or US Postal Service.

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