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How to Ship Shoes and other Footwear

shipping shoes

Whether you are sending footwear to buyers, as gifts or for whatever reason, it can be done easily without spending a lot. To save on expenses, use the box that the shoes came with from the store. This box will be the perfect container for the shoes.  If the original box is no longer available, shoe boxes are available in most shipping stores. Here are more tips on how to properly pack and ship shoes and other footwear.

To ensure that the footwear will not be damaged while in transit, the pair must be properly packaged with tissue paper.  It is also a good idea to stuff the shoes with crumpled paper to keep them in shape.

Buy brown freezer paper or take a trip to your local butcher and ask for a few sheets. You can also use plain white copy paper but it won’t be as durable as the freezer sheets. If you chose to use plain paper, wrap it all over clear tape, making sure no white paper is exposed.

Place freezer paper on a flat surface and position shoe box in the middle. Measure the paper so that there is enough to wrap neatly.

Wrap the box and secure it with tape. Make sure to get clean sharp edges. Once shoes to be shipped is wrapped, it is time to address the box for shipping.

Write directly on the box or you can make an address label with sticker paper and place it on the box.

Take the packaged shoes to the post office to have it weighed and shipped.


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