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How to Ship a Wedding Dress

shipping a wedding dress

Whether you are shipping a wedding dress to a buyer across the country or sending it in advance to your own wedding in the Bahamas, you would want the dress to arrive in one piece and in perfect condition. The key to successfully shipping a wedding dress is by packing it properly. Below are some helpful tips on how to pack and ship a wedding dress.

Get an accurate idea of what size of the shipping box to get by measuring the dress’s length and width.  Then, buy a waterproof box with at least 2 to 4 inches more width than your gown measurements. The extra space will give you room to add adequate protective packaging all around the dress.

Place adequate packing peanuts at the bottom of the shipping box. Lay the garment bag with the dress inside into the box atop the peanuts.

Spread another layer of packing peanuts over the top of the garment bag, providing soft resistance between the box and the dress.

Secure the box with strong packaging tape, making sure there are no loose flaps that might catch and tear during shipping.

Take the package to the local post office or shipping outlet and have it weighed to determine the basic cost.

Purchase insurance. Insure the gown in case it gets damaged or lost during shipping. If you are shipping it to a location so you can wear it later, this won’t help you, but if you’re selling the gown, insurance will cover you if something happens.



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