How to Ship an iPhone

shipping an iphone

The iPhone is an expensive gadget and should be handled with utmost care. When shipping an iPhone, it must be properly packaged to protect the device from the hazards of shipment. Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship an iPhone.

To properly pack an iPhone for shipping, you will need the following materials:
* The original iPhone box or any appropriately-sized cardboard shipping box
* Packaging materials such as paper, newspaper or bubble wrap
* Packaging tape
* Shipping label

If the original iPhone box is still available, packing the gadget is not much of a hassle as the box already has spaces for the device and its peripherals. All you have to do is place the boxed iPhone in a shipping box and put some packing peanuts to ensure that it doesn’t move around. Label the package and bring it to the post office for shipping.

If you can’t use the original box, a slightly larger box that can accommodate the iPhone and its accessories will also work.  Just fill half the box with packing material and securely wrap your iPhone in packing material. Bubble wrap is the best choice as it protects the device well, but newspaper and other recycled materials will also do the job. When using paper, wrap the phone at least 5-6 layers of packing material.

Next, place the phone in the center of the box as well as the accessories it comes with. Surround the items with more packing material making sure that the phone will not move or shift around while in transit.

Seal the box and secure it with packaging tape. Shake the box gently to ensure that you cannot hear or feel your phone moving around inside. Attach your shipping label and send the box on its way.

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