Important considerations when packing and shipping antiques

shipping antiques Shipping antiques have got to be one of the most difficult tasks to do because of the items fragile nature and high value. These items have aged with time and they have become sensitive to the elements. Furthermore, antiques are usually unique pieces that can’t be easily replaced when damaged during transit. This is why it is very important to properly pack antique items before shipping so they can withstand the abuse they might receive during the shipping process. Choosing a reliable shipping company is also key in ensuring that your antiques will arrive undamaged and on time.  Here are some important considerations when packing and shipping antiques.

Choose a reputable shipping company that specializes in antique shipping and handling. Check online reviews and look for companies with good standing in the shipping industry. Positive comments and reviews from people who have used their services are also good indications of a shipping company’s reputation. Be wary of companies with negative feedback.

Packing antiques involves more than just wrapping them in bubble wrap and placing them in a box.  Most of these items require custom crating or double-boxing. Also, use the highest quality packing materials to ensure that your most treasured valuables are well padded and protected.

To ensure that the item is secure and does not shift inside its container, specialized packing materials, and techniques, such as Foam-In-Place, custom cushioning, and blocking and bracing, must be utilized. Bear in mind that the package will be tossed, dropped, and generally mangled so make sure that the item is secure and safe despite such abuse.

Choose a shipping company that offers insurance coverage for your antique items.

To minimize the possibility of having your item damaged because of poor packaging, have it professionally packed by shipping personnel. Having the item picked up by the shipping company will also avoid damages that might occur when you transport it yourself from home to the shipping company.

When shipping overseas, make sure that your antique shipment meets complex customs regulations by providing all important documentation.

Whether it is a family heirloom or expensive pieces you have collected over the years, proper precautions must be observed when packing and shipping antiques. Remember that these items are irreplaceable once damaged in transit.

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