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How to Ship a Car by Train

Ship a Car

Shipping cars by train is a safe and economical method of transporting vehicles from one destination to another. As compared to other modes of shipping vehicles like through airplanes and trucks, trains do not use up much gasoline and thus cut costs on fuel consumption. Here are some simple tips on how to ship a car through a train service.

Just like when shipping other items, big or small, always use a reputable company which offers services that fits your specific shipping needs. There are several rail companies that offer vehicle transport.  Research which one can offer the best deal for you. Services vary from company to company. Some pick the car up from one location and drop it at another. Others require that somebody should accompany the car during transport.  This option is very economical for travelers who want to take their vehicle with them to cut down on car rental costs during vacations.

when you have decided which company to use, contact them and make arrangements a couple of days to one week in advance of your desired shipping date. This will give the company enough time to process all the necessary documentations needed for the transport.

Make all necessary documents pertaining to the vehicle, such as proof of ownership and insurance, available for the company. Also provide the company set of keys and keep a spare pair with you.

Prepare the vehicle by cleaning and taking away all personal belongings.  For those who are traveling with their vehicle, some rail companies allow personal belongings to be packed in the car so you don’t need to carry around as much luggage on the trip.

Make sure that there is someone available for the pick-up of the vehicle. when it reached its destination.

Shipping a vehicle through a train should take anywhere from three to 25 days.

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