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Important Tips in Shipping CARE Packages

shipping a CARE Package

CARE packages were first sent during World War II to bring relief to victims suffering from the scarcity of food and other commodities.  These packages usually contain canned and preserved food as well as other items such as blankets, toiletries and medicine. Today, CARE packages are not only sent to help the needy but can also be as gifts to loved ones from far away such as enlisted men deployed abroad, a child in college or a friend working overseas. These packages meant to remind them of home and make them feel special. Here are some helpful tips in packing and shipping CARE packages.

Include items that are difficult to find or unavailable in their location such as clothes that they like, favorite snacks, or health and beauty aids.

Send home-made food that will surely remind them of home.  If the recipient loves your cupcakes, by all means,  bake, pack some and include it in the package. Just make sure to send home-made goodies that can withstand the length of time it will take to reach the destination. Use vacuum-seal bags or air-tight containers to keep the the food fresh longer. Make sure to send CARE packages with perishable items via express mail to ensure that they arrive in good condition.

Consider the temperature in your recipient’s location. Avoid sending items that can disintegrate in extreme temperatures. Send only food items that do not require refrigeration.

Use a sturdy shipping box. Remember that the box will go through all sort of rough handling before it reaches its destination so make sure that every item is well packed in bubble wrap and empty spaces are filled with packing materials to prevent the items from shifting inside the box during transit. Seal and secure the box with heavy duty packaging tape.

When sending a care package to celebrate a special occasion, wrap the items in gift wrapping paper and tie with ribbons. This will make the recipient feel extra special.

Be cautious of what you include in the CARE package.  For example, if you are sending a CARE package for a friend working in a Middle Eastern country, avoid including alcoholic beverages, pornography or any item that are prohibited in that country. Items that are considered contraband can get confiscated.

You may now take the package to the post office and have it shipped.

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